Walk-On Web Hosts

Walk-On Web Hosts

The Definitive Guide

by D. Eric Franks

It's common knowledge that video on a Web page increases its Google rank. And nothing in the history of the Internet is more effective at grabbing your viewer's attention than a walk-on Web host. Independent research firms have estimated that a host can increase your conversion rate by 78% or even 500%! It's true!

OK, it's true that I've seen research that claims this. That doesn't mean I believe the nonsense about a "500% increase in conversions." Heck, I rarely believe anything coming out of the mouth of someone that uses jargon like "conversions" when he really means "sales," but that's neither here nor there. The point is, walk-on Web host avatars are arresting and aggressive attention demanding objects. Whether you personally find them annoying or not, you must admit that they cannot be ignored.

You also have to admit that being ignored is a worse fate than simply being annoying on an Internet that is full of LOOK AT ME! gimmicks, which means that walk-on Web hosts are in high demand by sales teams, marketing departments and corporations of all sorts. Videographers, producers and Web designers that know the secret are also in demand.

Sure, we know how it works: You shoot some chroma-key footage, convert it to Flash and embed it in a floating container on your Web page. There's usually a pretty big gulf between knowing how something is done and actually knowing how to do it, however. Yea, you can Google the topic and, with the right magic keywords, you might turn up a few semi-literate posts in a forum here or there, but I didn't find anything that covered all of the options, all of the software and all of the techniques necessary in one place.

And that's why I wrote Walk-On Web Hosts, which precisely, concisely and accurately shows you exactly how to create your own avatars, in 22 information-dense pages. This publication can save you hours of research and hundreds of dollars. I cover everything from basic chroma-key techniques all the way down to what your software options are, what codecs you should use to encode your video and even what options you'll need to select to get it right. Along the way, I'll offer a ton of advice and opinion about what the most effective practices are and how you can maximize your impact, while minimizing your investment of time and money. All for $3.99.



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